Have you ever asked yourself;

  • Is this all there is?
  • What is my life really about?
  • I love my life, but why does it still feel like something is missing?
  • Can I be more? do more? feel more?
  • What would I be doing if I could do anything I wanted? Why am I not doing it?

If you have asked yourself any of these questions, and You are truly ready to Live the Life of your DREAMS - Then YOU are Ready for Breakthrough To Empowerment!

Time for Your BREAKTHROUGH Experience!

BREAKTHROUGH: Developing the clarity of vision, direction, purpose, communication and perspective, to achieve Your DREAMS.

Breakthrough PrideWhat keeps us from being truly happy in our lives? It is our self-limiting beliefs and a lack of clarity regarding all the possibilities that are available to us. Our sub-conscious belief structures can keep us locked into a limited understanding of our untapped potential. This includes our potential to be happy and content in our relationships, our professional lives and in our spiritual lives. The sum total of each of these areas, relates directly to how `happy and content we are with ourselves. The "Breakthrough" portion of this Conference, will give you the insights and tools needed to develop a PASSION for all aspects of Your SELF and Your LIFE.


EMPOWERMENT: Increasing the mind, body and spiritual strength to live in harmony, loving the life you live and expanding the magnificence of YOU.

After the Breakthrough, you will be feeling strong with your "toolkit of passion", and now you ask yourself; How do I stay consistently in this state of inspiration - moment-to-moment, daily, my lifetime? This inspired state of passion is the beginning of your own journey into Wisdom and Worth.

You will gain a refreshing perspective allowing you to take these tools to be your own Advocate, to become your own Authority. Your life will become the outward display of your inner-mastering of meaningful decisions and actions that transform your daily existence into a "Love of Living" and "Living Love". Informative, Inspiring, Life-Applicable, and Powerful - the Empowerment Exercises are straight-forward techniques to strengthen your expanded connection to all areas of Your Authentic Life.